Pastor has spoken

Pastor has spoken


Pastor Maldonado lived solely on a carbon fiber diet.


I was actually sad when he announced that he is retiring. He made everything so unpredictable and not boring. :) Also he was pretty fast driver. ​ Edit: Fun fact he was one of the only two drivers to use number 13 : Moises Solana - 1963 Mexican GP (DNF) Pastor Maldonado - in Lotus between 2014 and 2015 (Best: 7th 3 times)


I remember an Australia race, where he was winning (I think, or possibly just in a great points scoring position) entirely on merit, and then binned the car into the wall on his own with like 5 laps to go. Perfectly sums up his career in F1


He was fifth. But it was the season after Williams’ worst ever season (at that point…) so it felt like winning.


It was 2012 right? So he did actually win that year, maybe I just go them mixed up.


Yep, 2012. Honestly, that Williams was fast and underrated. Maldonado binned it in Australia in 5th, binned it into Hamilton in Valencia in 3rd, decided to start before everyone else in Belgium when in like 6th, and I think Singapore had a run in the top three as well. I honestly thought after Spain and the win that they were going to challenge for the title. I must have been insane.


In the age of cost caps, there will never be someone quite like Maldonado again, unfortunately. The cost cap for 2021 was $145m. Maldonado would burn through all of that just on front wings alone. We miss you Maldonado


Mazepin if the Haas is capable of midfield battles? :)


If you no longer are Pastor Maldonado, you're no longer a gap that does not exist.


"To me, that was just a racing incident." - Pastor Maldonado


Lewis hamilton*


"If you no longer go for a gap that isn't there, you are no longer a racing driver" -lewis Hamilton or pastor Maldonado, maybe both.