Now you’re starting to make sense, commenter.

Now you’re starting to make sense, commenter.


When their own team destroyed their argument.


Own goals are always hilarious


Now he’s going to start doubting Santa and the Easter bunny. Where will it end?


He'll probably get vaccinated next. The horror.


Next you're going to tell me that Jack never bravely climbed a beanstalk or slew a giant.




"I would punish my child if she dared to think for herself"


My jaw hit my chest! "How dare she prove adults lie?" Who are the real sheep!?


like that comment almost literally reads like "I would punish my child if she ever questioned authority. Next thing you know, she might realize Jesus isn't real."


Smart kid


He was probably 17


Haha like the FB group "That kid did not say that" Nah though, I can see my 9 yo nephew doing this, if their parents were recently teaching them the importance of experiments and not taking just anyone's word for it.


I did this with one of my last few teeth. Kids aren't always stupid


So this really hit close to home. I literally started questioning the truth claims of the church after I was told Santa was my parents. I defended Santa to my non believing friends like Christians defend god to non Christians. It took a couple years, but that day definitely stuck with me and still does. If Santa isn’t real then the BOM is definitely not real. Because 9 year old me believed in both the Same amount at one point in his life.


Are you me? My husband wonders why I'm so distrustful of people - Santa.


We decided not to do Santa with our daughter. Your comment makes me feel good about that decision.


I took it a step further. We didn't do Santa (et al.) and then i told my kids it's so they would know i wasnt lying when i told them God was real. Face palm. Oh well. Church sucks so much no one seems that disappointed.


I remember calling my folks out on lying about Santa et al with that exact point. How many major lies do you get to tell about the existence of powerful imaginary beings before we think you're obviously lying about God too?


Yeah, that was me too!


That kid is on good trajectory.


That's definitely a troll comment, but excellent nonetheless


I thought it was brilliant


The kid still accepted the money for the tooth. The pact is made. He is still bound by the pact. He can’t science his way out of that…. The pact was made with the tooth fairy. It’s that simple. Now bow your head and say “yes”…. That will do.


My daughter made this jump when she found out the tooth fairy wasn't real and I didn't contradict her. I told her a lot of people believe in God and it can be a good thing but we need to know for ourselves what we believe in. It was a heavy day.


I see the child is smarter then the adult commenter.


Bahaha did the same thing! My parents gaslighted me… Told me I had to say I believed before she’d come… Got a note with the 50 cents under my pillow: “I’m sorry you didn’t believe in me.”


So -- when did you break off all contact with your parents? Or did they reform?


They reformed haha - at least on the tooth fairy thing…


I've never understood the Tooth Fairy thing. The idea of Santa Claus is used as a tool to keep kids in line all year, but what point is there to the Tooth Fairy? Or the Easter Bunny, for that matter?


I think the tooth fairy is something to help make the experience of loosing teeth not so upsetting. Most people continue to have bad dreams about loosing teeth. I think there are some mixed feelings that we experience even if we can't remember being upset


Well, I googled it. And it seems, as I suspected, that the tooth fairy is a Pagan thing, from Norse traditions. Children's teeth were thought to bring good luck in battle and warriors would buy them from children to make necklaces. The payment was the tand fe, or tooth fee. Most things we do today are from Pagan practices. (Celtic Pagan here!)


Huh, that's surprising--it wasn't about the children, and the _teeth_ were themselves of value?


They're right. The tooth fairy is part of the Jesus-verse.


😂 i love this kid with all my heart. I'd totally reward him for his excellent critical thinking skills.


You did it, Purple! Good job!


That’s what I said about Santa as a kid. My friend tried telling me he wasn’t real. I was like if he’s not real then Jesus isn’t, why would our parents lie to us about an omnipotent being.


Child is a poor deductive scientist: he’s shown the Tooth Fairy requires credible reporting by a disinterested adult.


I actually did the same thing when I was a kid! But I told right away and didn’t get the money :(


This is so beyond comprehension


Poe's Law surely applies here?


That comment has to be satire right?


Is the commenter saying they believe in the tooth fairy?


That is some seriously intelligent logic from that 9-year-old. Maybe they really are the chosen generation this time. Say it enough times to enough generations and you’re bound to eventually get it right. Right?… Right?


I'm SOOOOO MAD I told my mom I was doing my experiment as a child because she rigged the results and I believed muuuuuch longer than I should have. And as a result it's probably taken me a bit longer to leave the church too EDIT: when I was a child on St. Patrick's day the leprechauns turned the milk green with "magic" which was actually my mom with food coloring of course. I assumed that since they did it with magic it was temporary and it would go back to white the next day. (Now there was nothing to tell me the magic was temporary so this wasn't a great experiment but I'm just glad young me even tried to think rationally) My mom went to the grocery store and bought more milk and dumped out **most** of the carton to the same level just to reinforce my belief in magic. If you count the dyed milk that means she dumped out and entire gallon of milk just to reinforce my magical thinking. Heck.


When I was like six, I used to tell my parents that it didn't make sense to believe in Santa and that I knew it was them. They wouldn't admit it so on Christmas Eve, I set out a piece of paper around for Santa's signature. I acted really excited and convinced that Santa was real. My plan was to compare the handwriting to my parent's. Of course they knew what I was doing, but years later, our neighbor's daughter, who was around the same age, did the same thing successfully. I was very proud of her. She's got a lot of potential.


My old young women's leader told us that she wouldn't teach her kids that Santa was real because when she was little and found out that Santa wasn't real, she thought Jesus wasn't real either. I wouldn't teach my kids that Santa was real for exactly the opposite reason. I would rather use Santa as an opportunity to teach my kids skepticism. I'd give them as much information as possible and let them decide for themselves what they believe. I'll do the same thing with religion.


I've seen this goddamn post like 40 times now


But I never have. It was funny!


Glad you found it funny! I know I'm spoiled about seeing new content every second