Shaft drive failures

Shaft drive failures


I don't know, I have a R1200R with 37,000 miles and lots of wheelies...no problems yet.


99R1100RT @ 70k and no problems here.


my 2001 R1100R is crossing 37k this month, shaft is great


2004 R1150RT-P, 88k miles. No driveshaft problems. I've had it out and the u joints have no slop. I also inspected and lubed the splines when I got the bike at 60k, they were pristine.


When they fall, it can be expensive. I had a 2009 R1200GS where the main bearing failed shortly after the wheel carrier recall was done (they changed the cast aluminum carrier against a forged steel part). Fortunately, the gears were still fine, so it was only a 400€ thing, instead of a 1400€ thing. The replacement bearing had a rubber seal, the original one had a paper seal. Since then, I follow the FD oil change interval religiously, and has no further problems whatsoever, both with the GS and the K1300S I swapped it for a few years ago. I’d avoid the earliest R1200 variants, if possible, since the FD oil change is rather cumbersome. Anyway, if there’s a gapless service history, they should be fine.


More reliable than a chain


you can change a chain, and can visually inspect it.


When you change a chain, you also have to change the sprockets. If you do this several times throughout the life of the bike, a shaft is probably cheaper AND less maintenance.


I disagree. You don't have to do oil changes, have seal failures, or spline failures with chains. Just spray it with oil once in a while and you're good to go.


> spray it with oil once in a while and you're good to go. Every 500 miles. Also don't let it ever get rusty. When it stretches out too much replace it. Don't forget to align the bike every time.


Also clean it I guess, sometimes


Ey we have the same bike!


Nice! You know, since I bought it I've been saying it'd probably be temporary but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. Recently got a new seat for it as well. Great bike, hope it will last me some more miles!


Dude I'm the exact same way! I got it expecting to fix it and flip it, but I found myself riding it more and more and more, and now when I ride it I've started muttering to myself about how good this bike is. I've put 5k miles on it in the past year, mostly in the past 3 months. It could be smaller/lighter though


Yeah I just can't get rid of it, even despite seeing the flaws. >It could be smaller/lighter though I know what you mean. It would be nice if it was more flippable or had a tighter turn circle. But the power and the sound are amazing, and I can sit on it for hours! Hope you get a lot more happy miles on it!


> It would be nice if it was more flippable or had a tighter turn circle It's a big chungus. > But the power and the sound are amazing, and I can sit on it for hours! It's absolutely a bike to cross continents


From what I hear, so long as you don't get the 1150 generation, the shaft drive is crazy reliable! That generation though had issues with the splines wearing down. I have a Moto Guzzi (which has a shaft drive as well) but I've read a lot about BMW twins


I’ve broke 2, but they are super easy to fix. Quick easy job, just do it


Shaft > Chain any day. The word is at about 100k replace it.


It's really just a few u-joints and some bearings. I've never known one to go bad unless they've been extensively abused and neglected in maintenance. BMWs have been mostly shaft drive since like 1928, they've got it figured out by now.


The 1200 version didn't come out until 2005. The most reliable version of that bike is an R1100RT rom 1998-2001. Various reasons, but the years before and after that are not as reliable.


Bleh 2000 and onwards. Try 2007 onwards. The 1200 didn't come out until 2005, and they were still phasing out servo assisted brakes then. The 1100s and 1150s are a pass from me, as are the first two years of 1200. But it has nothing to do with the shaft drive.


Problems asking here is all youre going to get is a lot of "hurr durr mines been reliable hurr durr" and no ppl who had problems as they keep quiet or have alredy switched. Many BMW's have been trough our familly and lets just say only 3 didnt have a shat problem. And the other 17 did. So yea. Yes BMW is greate and yes they have shaft problems, you might be one of the people who dont have problems, you might have problems, untill you buy youl newer know.