To add context to the money claims being thrown around, I calculated how much they (roughly) made so far on Frenemies content

To add context to the money claims being thrown around, I calculated how much they (roughly) made so far on Frenemies content


This makes sense to me because of how Ethan is saying his frenemies revenue is tied up with the merch, which could easily cost around 200k (if not 300 or 400k) to produce.


Wow I'm impressed


Thank you for this hard work! I feel like a lot of younger people think that millions of views = millions of dollars, that is not reality. I bet their sponsors are a nice chunk, but those have just been more recently. I thought the way Ethan described it sounded realistic. And when you stretch out that 200,000 over 9 months that’s like nothing for a company. That probably covers electricity and dans salary lol.


Thank you I was wondering an approximate amount. I think Ethan should go over the numbers with her so she feels included and understands its not as much money as she thinks it is but not now later on when they have both cooled off.


He literally said his CPA gives her a breakdown of the Adsense and her cut every month. I bet she doesn’t even look at it.


-Trisha gets handed itemized breakdown of monthly financials- “Ughhh stupidmmm..”


Then spends 100k on a ostrich handbag


That will literally be forgotten about in a week..


I can't believe this hasn't had more attention. It REALLY puts things into perspective. Regarding sponsorships, they have said they split those 50/50. If you go off of your calculations the 5% for production costs is $13,770 (over 9 months). If you throw the highlights in you have 54,000 to hopefully pay production costs. this is over 9 months that's 6000 a month if you include the highlights. if you just go off 5% its 1,530 a month. this has to pay for 33% of 2-6 crew members (the amount of crew on set seemed to vary by episode, but even on eps with 2 on set there were no doubt others working on pre and post production outside of filming - all the technical stuff like audio/video production aside the amount of time spent on different projects must be kinda nuts - for example Sam having to go through 2,000 emails submitted for the advice segment) full time wages (because this was their 3rd weekly podcast being worked on) and 33% of utilities, liability insurance, payroll tax, accountant and legal fees, one off costs like furniture, inventory, equipment, maintenance, and the list goes on. Even 6000 a month is barely enough to cover everyone and everything. And you have to consider that Ethan too should be personally taking money for himself as a part of the production team itself, it's not like he's not involved in the general oversight and input of production.